Fielding England

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We’re officially a week away from the release of A Field In England – and the promotional junket is in full swing.

The film stars an ensemble cast in a tale of desertion, witchcraft and magic mushrooms.  Amongst that cast are Julian Barratt and Richard Glover, and we’re itching to see your reaction to the finished film.

Writer/director Ben Wheatley has been doing the rounds, talking to The Guardian last weekend, alongside Edith Bowman on 6Music with star Michael Smiley.  This week’s stop-off for Ben is with independent film website Director’s Notes.

We’re sure there will be many more interviews and reviews in the coming days than we can possibly keep track of, so do keep an eye on our Twitter page, where we’ll try and RT any we find!

In the meantime, console yourselves with our preview of the film from last week, alongside its gallery of images – and savour the delights of this deliciously wacked out alternate trailer.

Fans of Wheatley’s earlier work can catch Down Terrace – featuring Tony Way – and Kill List – featuring Gareth Tunley – on Film4 on Wednesday and Thursday night respectively, ahead of A Field In England‘s multi-platform premiere.

The film is, of course, released in cinemas on Friday, 5th July, and will be broadcast on Film4 that evening at 10:45pm.   It will also be available on VoD services, and dvd and blu-ray the same day.

Die-hard fans can pre-order the dvd and blu-ray, and a selection of Ben’s previous work including Sightseers, from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store now.


© Rook Films / Channel 4 DVD

© Rook Films / Channel 4 DVD

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