Anna & Katy Cancelled

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Channel 4 has announced it has axed hit sketch show Anna & Katy.  

The critically acclaimed series from Anna Crilly and Katy Wix performed well with reviewers, but lost audiences along the course of its six episode run earlier this year, according to Radio Times.

The show, which began life as a Comedy Lab pilot back in 2011, before returning to screens for a full run in March this year, was given a difficult time-slot of 10:35pm on Wednesday evenings, which Radio Times suggests may be the real reason for the show’s demise.

One thing is certain: Channel 4 have not abandoned the duo, with a promise from their spokesperson that they are “committed to them as talent, and are talking to them about other projects”.  We remain hopeful Crilly & Wix will return, as soon as possible.

You can see the complete run of episodes now via 4oD over yonder.

1 Comment on Anna & Katy Cancelled

  1. Oh, front bottoms covered with big fat filthy man juice! I was enjoying myself till me heard such awful news. What utter rot! Baah and boos from Andy Williams and The Emporium of Genius!#


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