Noel Fielding Interview Part 4: Luxury Comedy

Last week we brought you Part 3 of our exclusive interview with Noel Fielding, in which he answered some more of the slightly random-edged questions that you sent in. This week Noel talks about Luxury Comedy.

© The Velvet Onion

© The Velvet Onion

Noel’s twitter followers will be aware that rehearsals have begun for series 2 of Luxury Comedy; as you’ll see from the video below, the show has evolved from the first series –  and Noel’s pretty excited about how it’s taking shape. We’ve tried to avoid including too many spoilers (suffice to say, the storylines for Series 2 sound soooo good!), but you’ll certainly get a flavour for what’s to come – including an exclusive peek at ‘Painted Hawaii’ and a heads-up on what’s next for Loose Tapestries!

The final part of our interview, in which Noel talks about The Mighty Boosh (timely, eh?), should be out next week. We hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far; here’s Part 4 below:

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and many thanks to Noel for his time.

2 Comments on Noel Fielding Interview Part 4: Luxury Comedy

  1. I love how Noel leaps up to get the picture he’s done of the island to show it to us. Just like a little kid. 🙂


  2. Can’t wait to see this. Thank you TVO


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