Was It Something Ayoade Said?

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Richard Ayoade will be taking on the role of team captain on the brand new panel show from Channel 4 Was It Something I Said?

The initial press releases for Was It Something I Said? promised a “massive new intelligent comedy show” with “two massively known comedian team captains” – and they certainly delivered!

The show will be hosted by David Mitchell (Peep Show, That Mitchell and Webb Look) and will feature Ayoade as one of the team captains with Micky Flanagan on the other team.

Was It Something I Said? is an interactive primetime TV panel show where the teams will be battling it over…words. Literary knowledge, quotes, film dialogue – anything and everything to do with words! Of course, this means it is a perfect fit for Renaissance man, Ayoade.

Furthermore, viewers will have the opportunity to participate themselves. For the very first time in television history, everyone at home will be able to play along through Twitter, and have the opportunity to receive bonus content as they watch.

The show will also include other comedy panelists and each episode will have a guest narrator. Who knows, we might just see some other familiar faces!

You will be able to catch Was It Something I Said? on Channel 4 in July but we have great news for the impatient fans! Tickets are currently available via Applause Store if you want to be there in person (please note that the age limit is 18+).

And don’t forget to keep peeling for updates on the series’ panelists and narrators!

4 Comments on Was It Something Ayoade Said?

  1. This program is PONY! I went to see a recording and was falling asleep in the begining from utter boredom and it was too hard to hear as the sound team are rubbish. The mic volume on each of them was all over the place. They rambled on about utter crap for so long! The whole recording was 3 and a half hours. WORST filming I’ve ever been to. I won’t be watching when on TV.


    • That’s a shame, you must have gone on a bad night. I went tot a recording in July and there was nothing wrong with the sound. We had a great time, it took a while to record and it was a bit cold in the studio, but the cast were great and we had Brian Blessed doing the reading.


      • It was Richard, Micky, David… Rhod Gilbert and someone else I forget now. We had John Craven reading the quotes. The cast barely acknowledge the audience. There was hardly any interactions apart from Micky who said very early on “what we doing after?” to which we all replied “Going Out!”


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