A D’or Red Roses For Rhys, Darling…

Rhys Thomas has been awarded a Rose D’or for The Arts at the 2013 Awards in Brussels, for his much acclaimed documentary Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender.

© Queen Productions

© Queen Productions

The feature length piece which aired last Autumn, acted as both a compendium to Rhys’ previous documentary Days Of Our Lives about Mercury’s band Queen, and as a standalone documentary focusing on his career as a solo artist in the late 1980s before his untimely death from AIDS-related illness in 1991.

Rhys has been a Queen fanatic for over two decades (so we’re sure he’ll appreciate our choice of headline!), and has been working for the band since 2003 alongside his seminal comedy work.  Over the weekend, Thomas – who couldn’t be at the ceremony – took to Twitter to comment on the win:

Just found out we won the Rose d’Or for my doc Freddie Mercury : The Great Pretender! Couldn’t be there sadly but thanks to the team!  Here is my speech: I would like to thank Joss the co-producer, Christopher Bird the best editor in the world and Jim Beach for having faith in me but most of all Freddie Mercury. My hero. I raise a glass to him tonight and wish he was around to see it himself. Ehhh dohhh!

I would also thank Brian May and Roger Taylor for their support over the years and letting an idiot like me make programmes for them.

Amongst those singing Rhys’ praises on Twitter over the weekend was our very own Noel Fielding, who attended the star-studded premiere event for the film last year alongside fellow TVO luminary Matt Berry.  Noel’s comment was straight to the point: “well done mate great Freddie doc so deserve it x x x”

More than three hundred entries from more than thirty countries were submitted for the 2013 awards, so we’d like to congratulate Rhys and his team for a job well done.  Now how’s about one on that fireplace-wielding, badger-saving guitar hero, eh?

The Great Pretender can be purchased on dvd and blu-ray from The Velvet Onion Amazon UK Store, alongside Rhys’ previous Queen work.  You can see a trailer for the film below.

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