Tom Meeten is one of the stars in a new American short film.

© Playdate Films

© Playdate Films

Playdate tells the story of New York couple Paul and Kate (Scott Organ and Caitlin Miller), who are on their way to dinner at the home of fellow parents from their son’s school, cool duo Ellen and Tom (Abigail Marlowe and Roderick Hill).

Upon arrival, they discover two English interlopers, Lydia and Stephen, played by Lydia Leonard and Tom Meeten, who seem nice, but spark playground politics in Kate and Paul…

Written by star Scott Organ with director David Shane, it’s a well shot, witty short that captures that thirty-something vibe oh-so-well, and whilst it seems a little alien to see Tom play the ‘straight man’ at first, he and the rest of the cast perform brilliantly with a cracking script to work from.

The vibe is less Luxury Comedy and more Jack Goes Boating, and it’s great to see Meeten acting in such a respectable piece, which has been given the Vimeo Staff Pick nod, and is hopefully the start of a glistening career for its creators.  Having done the rounds at film festivals, you can now see the short for yourself via the Playdate Vimeo Page, and if you like what you see, check out it’s Facebook page too.

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