Prepare To Meet The Baron!

Earlier this week we were lucky enough to get a sneaky peek of a new project from Tom Meeten and Gareth Tunley.

© Gareth Tunley

© Gareth Tunley

The Baron is a short film written by Meeten and Tunley, which features performances from TVO regulars, Stephen EvansSteve Oram and Barunka O’Shaughnessy. Waen Shepherd also provides the musical score for the film; and if a further TVO connection were needed, then Nick Gillespie (Sightseers) is the Director of Photography!

Tom stars as a downtrodden office worker who dreams of wreaking revenge on his co-workers in the guise of his alter-ego, the evil Baron. It’s difficult to describe the film without giving away the story, but suffice to say it’s brilliantly silly and very funny indeed, with performances that perfectly balance nuanced observation with comedic excess. And like all the best comedy, The Baron manages to be both surprisingly poignant and utterly demented at the same time. Wonderful stuff!

The screening we attended was packed out with the great and good from the pages of this here website, and the volume of the cheering and applause afterwards is a testament to how much everyone enjoyed the film. For now there are no plans in place for distributing The Baron, but with any luck it will be unleashed on the world very soon. And when it does, we’ll be there to forewarn you…

Don’t forget that you can see  Tom Meeten as part of the epic Oram & Meeten TONIGHT at Knock2Bag and also at Club Fantastico on 3rd July at the Soho Theatre. Be there, or be forever kicking yourself for not being there.

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