A Field Trailer

The official trailer for A Field In England is now live, and can be seen below.

If you need any further explanation, know that this is the fourth film from Ben Wheatley, the director of SightseersKill List and Down Terrace.  And if that’s not reason enough to be itching to see the results, then how’s about that cast list?

Michael Smiley, Peter Ferdinando, Reece ShearsmithJulian Barratt, Richard Glover and Ryan Pope, in a field spiraling into what appears to be mushroom induced madness.  How can it possibly go wrong?

A new poster for the film has also just been released, which includes a quote from Nicolas Roeg. It was designed by Luke Insect and Kenn Goodall at Twins of Evil (who also created designwork for Sightseers), and  limited screenprints will be available soon – we’ll let you know when! To see the new poster click here.

A Field In England is released in UK cinemas, on dvd, blu-ray and video on demand, and airs on Film4’s television channel all on the same day – July 5th.  For more details, visit this earlier peeling.

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