QI Confirmed

In the wake of a flurry of online rumours last week, Noel Fielding has revealed to The Velvet Onion that he will be appearing in a future episode of QI, the quiz show with brains hosted by Stephen Fry and featuring Alan Davies.

© Talkback / Quite Interesting

© Talkback / Quite Interesting

He’ll be appearing with fellow panellist Ross Noble, in an episode yet to be filmed. Noble started out in the comedy industry around the same time as Noel, but until now the two have never appeared on TV together.

When asked if he’ll be taking his QI responsibilities terribly seriously or adopting the approach more common to his appearances on Big Fat Quiz of the Year, Noel  laughed and said, “I just  don’t understand it – I’ll be hopeless at it! But I’m hoping me and Ross (Noble) can build some comedy jazz together… they’ll never ask me back!”

It’s not yet clear when this particular episode of QI will be filmed or televised, but we’ll keep you posted.

At present, there’s no official confirmation as to whether Noel’s TV presence is going to be stretching as far as the special final episode of IT Crowd. Either way, we’ll let you know as soon as we know!

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  1. Since I am not in England…do let us know when it is finally aired 🙂


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