Watch Wheatley Wherever!

The long awaited A Field In England – the fourth film from Sightseers director Ben Wheatley – has been given a release date, and in a rather bold move, it’s not just in cinemas…

@ Claire Jones

@ Claire Jones

The picture is set to be unleashed on Friday 5th July across various platforms, making history by being the first UK film to be simultaneously released in cinemas, on dvd and blu-ray, on VoD services and be shown on television.

The innovative move is down to the BFI’s New Models Distribution Fund strand, which supports experimental and ambitious release models.  Audiences can choose exactly how they wish to experience the film, and no-one has to wait!

The standard cinema release will in some instances be followed by a satellite Q&A with Ben Wheatley and members of the cast, which includes Michael Smiley (Kill List), Reece Shearsmith (The League Of Gentlemen), Richard Glover and Julian Barratt.  The TV premiere on Film4 will feature a director’s intro and interview, whilst VoD fans can watch it whenever they want.

There will also be a special edition dvd and blu-ray release for those who want more from their viewing experience, released on the same day.  If internet pre-orders are anything to go by, this may be your first chance to see the film if the likes of Amazon deliver it early.  There’s currently no sign of any pre-order links, but we’ll keep you posted on those so stay peeled!

Plans are also afoot for special screenings in various fields in England across the summer, too.  We can’t wait!  In the meantime, check out the first image of Shearsmith (and in the background, our very own Richard Glover), from the film below…

@ Rook Films / Film 4

@ Rook Films / Film 4

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  1. Wherever as in “whole of Europe?”


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