The End Is Nigh…

The first teaser trailer for The World’s End premiered today.

The film reunites the creative trio behind the enormously brilliant Shaun Of The Dead and the somehow even better Hot Fuzz for the third and final film in their infamous Cornetto trilogy.  Stars Simon Pegg & Nick Frost are back, with Edgar Wright once more directing, and they’ve brought along a number of old friends… see the results below.

Alongside Pegg & Frost on their pub crawl through a seemingly alien invasion, are The Hobbit and Sherlock star Martin Freeman, Tyrannosaurus and Submarine actor Paddy Considine, and star of Warhorse and V For Vendetta, Eddie Marsan.

Also along for the ride is former Bond villain Rosamund Pike, and a whole cavalcade of comedic guest stars: reuiniting Pegg with his former Hippies co-star Darren Boyd, Spaced stars Mark Heap, Michael Smiley and Reece Shearsmith, and Hot Fuzz actor David Bradley. Also on board, is Edgar Wright’s recent partner in bloodthirsty caravanning, Steve Oram.

© Focus Features

© Focus Features

We can also confirm something we’ve known for a long, long time, but had to keep quiet – our very own Alice Lowe will be appearing in the film.  We thought we had a world exclusive there, and kept it quiet out of respect for the team behind this blockbuster-in-waiting, but it seems the co-star of her cameo, fellow Hot Fuzz star Rafe Spall, blew the lid quietly a few months ago and we didn’t even notice.  Sorry, peelers.

To find out the nature of her cameo, you’ll have to go and see the film.  And frankly, you’d be insane if you didn’t want to anyway.  The World’s End will be released in UK cinemas on July 19th.   For more info, visit it’s official website.

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