Fantastico Rides Again!

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Regular readers of TVO may recall a frenzy of excitement last year when the much-missed comedy night Club Fantastico returned for a couple of dates at the Vandella Club. Well, now it’s back for one more night – at the Soho Theatre.

Club Fantastico is the unhinged and brilliant bastard comedy child of Steve Oram and Tom Meeten, who host the evening and perform sketches throughout. The show also features a collection of Oram and Meeten’s comedy mates, many of whom have a TVO connection.

More often than not the assembled cast find themselves in increasingly surreal and ridiculous situations, and the end result is very, very funny. For a mind-punch of New Wave comedy greatness, Club Fantastico is hard to beat.

The show is coming to the Soho Theatre in London on 3rd July.  Tickets are £10 and the show starts at 9.30pm. For more information and to buy tickets click here.

If you’re wondering what it’s all about and why we’re so excited, why not have a look at our reviews of previous Club Fantastico shows here and there?

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