Forgery Keeps It Real At Udderbelly

© The Forgery Club

© The Forgery Club

The always-awesome comedy of The Forgery Club is on offer at this year’s Udderbelly Festival at Southbank in London.

Bob Pipe‘s infamous comedy night will be appearing in the iconic inflatable cow under the moniker of ‘Back to the 80s’. As the evening’s publicity explains: “Get your frills on, Big your hair, plaster on the make-up and get down to the cow for a night of comedy madness! The Forgery Club takes you back to the 1980s for a comedy party adventure romp that will leave you dancing with tears of laughter in your eyes.”

What this actually means isa comedy musical play with video interjections. It stars James Wren as Umbrage Swain and Richard Glover as Burton Latimer, two time traveling swash bucklers as they try to solve the Mystery of the Giant Purple Upside Down Cow (of course). Waen Shepherd will be appearing as Gary Le Strange, Dave McNeill will be performing 80s tinged material, and spoof 80s electro duo Modern Dreams will banging out the tunes. There will also be a few more surprise which we can’t reveal just yet!

The show takes place at 22:45 on 17th May, and tickets are £15.50 – available here. Well worth a visit on the basis of the paragraph above alone!

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