Ralfe Band & Kloot Come Home Together

Last month we told you about an exciting live musical partnership in the form of Ralfe Band and I Am Kloot, who were touring Europe together during March. Well now those of us who live in Blighty can rejoice, as they’re touring together in the UK!

© Andrew Whitton

© Andrew Whitton

I Am Kloot (our editor’s favourite ever live band, fwiw) have asked Ralfe Band to support them on their April UK tour , which will be taking in Sheffield, Birmingham, York, Middlesborough, Norwich, Oxford, Leicester, Holmfirth and Liverpool. Phew! For the dates in full and for further information about venues see Ralfe Band’s facebook page here.

If you’re still wondering why this particular musical pairing is worthy of note, please allow us to present you with two pieces of evidence: firstly, the wondrous first single Come On Go Wild from Ralfe Band’s new album Son be Wise (album out in June ). If you haven’t done so already (why ever not?) then take a listen here…

Then, there’s I Am Kloot’s new video for Some Better Day, featuring Montgomery Flange’s favourite actor – John Simm – which you can see below:

To stay on top of what’s next for both bands, why not follow them on twitter?  You can seek our Ralfe Band here and I Am Kloot there.

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