Wade McGuff And The Brain Suckers!

Episode two of The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains is now live, and it’s another corker from the team.

© The Multiverse

© The Multiverse

Written once again by Bob PipePhil Whelans and James Wren, and directed by Bob as well, Episode Two features none other than Colin Hoult as rough, tough Wade McGuff, and he doesn’t give a chuff.

Don’t get in a huff, if he can’t save us from this stuff, just watch til you’ve had enough. Next week – a puff!

Sorry. Got caught in rhyme there. This episode also features Jason Attar, Louie Bayliss and James Wren. With a corking mini-theme for McGuff from Waen Shepherd, and Colin being typically charasmatic, it’s another great installment of a frightfully silly new webshow.

If you missed episode one, which featured Gareth TunleyStephen Evans and Richard Glover, you can catch up below – and no doubt we’ll see all three of them again, plus co-stars Alex Kirk, Warwick Davis and the show’s writers in the weeks to come.

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