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That glorious, Best British Film Award winning smash hit Sightseers is making its way to America next month.

Top dog US website Entertainment Weekly revealed the epic new theatrical poster exclusively today, and revealed the film will be in cinemas from May 10th, and – in an interesting move – will also be available via on demand services three days later.

There’s currently no news on a dvd or blu-release Stateside, so if you want to see this glorious film from the minds of Alice LoweSteve Oram and Ben Wheatley, and finally see what we Brits have been raving about for months on end, get down to your local theatres on May 10th.

If you’re still not sure, we interviewed most of the cast and select crew members as part of our Sightseers Takeover back in November, so mooch around the links at the top of the page for our archives, and take a look at the trailer below.

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  1. SIghtseers is also showing at the Boston Independent Film Festival, on April 26th. As someone who lives in the Boston area, and has been counting the days until the US release, I thought I’d share this for anyone else in similar circumstances.


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