Luxury Models

© Richard Martin

As we wait patiently for further news about Series 2 of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, some kind soul has uncovered some fascinating background info about the show to tide us over.

Richard Martin is the model maker whose creations populated the series’ unique visual world. His models include such seminal props as The Golden Needle, used by Fantasy Man to repair the rift in the barrier between YouTube and YouPorn, Ice Cream Eyes’ ice cream eyes, and the frisbee that doubles up as a Greek dipping platter and also has the face of Brian Eno – plus many more besides!

To see the weird and wonderful models that Martin created for the show and to read his comments about them visit his website here. Wonderful stuff!

Editor’s Note: Thanks to oohyeahboomalackaway and funeral-march on tumblr for spotting this.

3 Comments on Luxury Models

  1. Hello, this is funeral-march from tumblr. Thanks for crediting me, but I’m not the one who originally found it. found it. Maybe you can change it? I feel kind of bad for taking credit for this.


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