Love Matters

There’s a brand new comedy show with TVO connections tucked away on Sky Living later this week – so much so we almost missed it! Seriously… tell us about your shows, broadcasters!

© Sky Living

© Sky Living

Entitled Love Matters, the six half-hour comedies are all about the ugly business of relationships.

The series will be airing in three double bills starting on Thursday evening at 9pm, with Dan ClarkKatherine Parkinson and Daniel Lawrence Taylor (How Not To Live Your Life, Hunderby) on hand.

Clark & Taylor star in Episode One, 30 And Counting, which blurs the lines between online dating and reality in a tale by writers Chris Little and Tom Vinnicombe.

© Chris Lobina / Sky Living

© Chris Lobina / Sky Living

Episode Two, which follows at 9:30pm, is entitled Officially Special.  The episode sees Parkinson as world record official Jo Pepper juggling her bizarre job with her complicated social life.

Later episodes feature the wonderful Isy Suttie, Hunderby star Rebekah Staton, the award winning Sarah Solemani and comedy legend Meera Syal, so they’re definitely worth sticking around for.

For more info on the run, visit the show’s mini-site over yonder, where you can savour trailers, preview clips, galleries and behind the scenes interviews with the cast.

There’s currently no news on a dvd release, but if we hear anything, we’ll keep you posted, so stay peeled!

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