Sightseers: BEST BRITISH FILM Available On DVD & Blu-Ray!

© Empire

© Empire

Sightseers took home the Jameson Empire Award 2013 for Best British Film – and it’s yours to own on dvd and blu-ray on Monday.

The film fought off stiff competition from Dredd, The Woman In Black, Les Miserables and Skyfall.  Yep – the biggest British film of all time at cinemas worldwide was pipped to the post by TVO’s finest, knocking off ramblers, tourists and brides-to-be in a caravan.

Stars Alice Lowe, Steve Oram and Richard Glover were joined by director Ben Wheatley and producer Claire Jones at the prestigious event, with Empire snapping Ben post win, as seen here, and Jones delightedly discovering copies of the film were included in the official goodie-bag all the stars were given.

The quartet took to the stage with executive producer Nira Park to receive their award, and Ben announced: “I’m having a meltdown. Someone else do it.”  This forced Steve into action, commenting: “Thanks to the people who work in my local Sainsburys. And Empire, who came to the set a year ago.”  Alice then added a reference to Ideal star Johnny Vegas, who had riotously accepted an award on behalf of Ted earlier in the evening, saying: “I wish Johnny Vegas were here to accept our award; he’d have done it brilliantly.”

© Nick Gillespie

© Nick Gillespie

TVO would like to congratulate the whole team for their just deserved win, and this seems like as good an opportunity as ever to point back to our interview archive with the team from November and December.  If you missed them back then, you can read our interviews with Ben Wheatley,  Steve Oram, Alice Lowe, Richard Glover, Claire Jones, Laurie Rose, Rachel Austin, Tom Meeten & Tony Way by clicking on their respective names in this sentence, and there’s still chance for you to download your exclusive door hangers and Banjo posters over yonder too.

If all this hasn’t been enough to convince you to check the film out, then the imminent release of the film on dvd and blu-ray this week should be the final bit of persuasion necessary.

© Studio Canal

© Studio Canal

With two audio commentaries, behind the scenes materials and a blooper reel, the film can now play on a loop in your own homes, and if you don’t want to trek out to find one of the few remaining shops that sell movies, you can get both versions from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store now!




Film buffs and collectors should be aware that Sainsburys are stocking a limited edition two-disc version of the dvd (sadly not the blu-ray) featuring additional extras:  interviews with the cast and crew, a B-roll, premiere footage, and TV spots.

For a more detailed breakdown of the extra material on the standard release, and a more in-depth review of the film than we previously offered, stay peeled.

Last week we offered five peelers a chance to win a copy of either format thanks to the good folk at StudioCanal.
We had hundreds of entries, but our five randomly assigned winners were Nicola Ryall, Peter Cleasby, John Taggart, Cherie Nute and Janet Haste.
Thanks to everyone who entered! Sorry we couldn’t have more winners, but there’s always the links above.

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