Own Sightseers Original Artwork

Fancy owning some bona fide Sightseers memorabilia? Now’s your chance!

© Kenn Goodall

© Kenn Goodall

Illustrator, Kenn Goodall, is making available the original artwork that was used on the sleeve design of Music Control Experiment Vol:1 – Jim Williams: The Sightseers Sessions – the ultra limited edition (150 copies) red vinyl copy of the original score to the film. Sadly the albums are completely sold out now, but for the princely sum of £120 or £140, an ink drawing artwork from the album could be yours!

Goodall created the images under the moniker of Twins of Evil, his partnership with fellow artist, Luke Insect. For more information and to purchase one of the pieces visit Kenn Goodall’s website.

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