Alice’s Mini Masterclass

The lovely and talented Alice Lowe appears in a short BAFTA Masterclass to share what she and Jacqueline Wright learned from their year-long one-short-a-month project they embarked on in 2010.

© Jackal Films

© Jackal Films

During the Mini Masterclass which was recorded at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly on 5 January 2013, Alice talks about how she was nervous about making films, as it seemed like a completely different world to television and live shows, and why they decided to put the films on the internet instead of taking them to festivals.

You can see the whole interview here.

If you didn’t see the films from the project at the time, or want to see them again, you can go to the Jackal Films Website.

You could also read our interview with Alice and Jacqueline, which took place when they were half way through the year of the project.

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