The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains

If you thought that film and television technology is developing a bit too quickly, then the latest mini-series from Bob Pipe & James Wren is right up your street.

© Bob Pipe / James Wren / The Multiverse

© Bob Pipe / James Wren / The Multiverse

The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains is bringing back the classic, Black & White horrors in a whole new way plus is packed to the brim with familiar faces!

Behind the scenes finds Bob and James working with Phil Whelans in the writing department, the music is being provided by Waen Shephard who is also starring alongside, Colin Hoult, Richard Glover, Gareth Tunley, Lizzie Roper, and when we’ve all gotten our breath back, there are also a whole load more due to pop up throughout!

All of our favourite faces are being brought to us by The Multiverse, a brand new ‘“Superchannel from Warwick Davies”‘ – all you have to do is subscribe right here to find out the latest on TDTCTSOOB first!

Once you’ve subscribed then take a look at the trailer below to whet your brain cells’ appetite.

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