Pledge Your Life!

Dan Clark has announced himself to be the next artist using Pledge Music for the release of his comedy album! Inspired by Don Danbury’s tunes on How Not To Live Your Life and also some brand spanking new comedy corkers.

Robots in Disguise and IAMX were the last of our lot to make the call out to their fans to help fund the recording, release and touring of their next albums – this time, Clark may already have his polished album ready for release but he doesn’t seem to think that’s quite enough for his fans.

© Dan Clark

© Dan Clark

This news comes right after the release of Clark’s musical partner, Ben Parker’s own album release (the debut album of indie duo The Chain) via the same network. As all of our favourite artists have cried out for the pledges and with it being a huge success, I’m sure it won’t be long until DC reaches 100%!

By buying the album via Pledge Music, you also have the option of purchasing some other exclusive goodies, including signed scripts, t-shirts, and tickets to the album launch event (taking place at the home of Clarks, the 100 Club). If those extras aren’t enough for you, you can also get yourself a video message from Dan, a thank you in the album itself or if you’re feeling the need to splurge, the top pledge gets Clark & Co at your house party!

Not only do you get what you have pledged for, but throughout the next few months until release, Clark will be posting up videos, blog entries and other exclusive content only accessible to pledgers!

You have 83 days left to Pledge from today and then you may have missed your chance. So get your orders in before Wednesday June 5th to not leave yourself out!

To see the full details of what is on offer, head to Dan Clarks Pledge page and get ordering!

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