Special Sightseers

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As from the 25th of March those of you wanting a deeper look into the world of Sightseers can pick up a 2 disk special edition DVD at your local Sainsbury’s.

The exclusive disk will contain interviews with the cast and crew, B-roll, premiere footage, and TV spots. This is in addition to the standard release that hosts behind the scenes footage, out-takes, the theatrical trailer, two audio commentaries, and of course the hilarious feature length film.

Most of you shouldn’t need any introduction to the film, but just in case you’ve been living under a rock: Sightseers, directed by Ben Wheatley, tells the story of two nerdy caravanners on a seemingly accidental killing spree. A whole host of TVO faces appear through the multi-award winning black comedy written by Alice Lowe and Steve Oram.

Don’t forget, you still have exactly one week to enter TVO’s very own competition to win a copy of the fantastic film on DVD or Blu-Ray! Click on the word caravanning to find out how!

If you can’t wait, and don’t want to leave it to chance, you can pre-order the Blu-Ray or the DVD from the TVO Amazon UK Store.

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