Join The Carnival Of Monsters

Colin Hoult will soon be recording his hotly-anticipated debut series for BBC Radio 4 – and you could be in the audience!

© Idil Sukan / Draw HQ

© Idil Sukan / Draw HQ

Carnival of Monsters is based on Colin’s live show of the same name. It features a bizarre world of sketches, stories and characters, all presented by a sinister Ringmaster. You will meet monstrous yet strangely familiar oddities such as Thwor – the mighty (Leeds based) God of Thwunder; Len Parker – Nottingham born martial arts and Transformers enthusiast; Anna Mann – outrageous star of such forgotten silver screen hits such as Rogue Baker, Who’s For Turkish Delight and A Bowl For My Bottom and many more.

For your chance to see Colin in action (and to prove to yourself that Being Human’s Crumb is still alive and well) click here to apply for tickets. There are 2 recordings: 5th April and 8th May. Both take place at the RADA Studios at 7.15pm and attendees must be over 14 years.

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