It’s Kevin

The day has come at long last, Kevin Eldon has his own tv show – and it starts next weekend!

© BBC / Jack Barnes

© BBC / Jack Barnes

One of the greatest comic minds of all time, the man affectionately known as The Actor Kevin Eldon has been content to stand in the sidelines for decades, stealing almost every scene he’s ever been included in, across a plethora of big name projects.  The likes of Fist Of Fun and This Morning With Richard Not Judy made him a recognisable face, and since then he’s been involved in almost everything great on telly – including TVO related works Hot FuzzNighty Night, Mongrels, Nathan Barley, The IT Crowd, Hyperdrive, Look Around You, Big Train, Brass Eye… you name it, Kevin’ s probably been in it!

Which makes the notion of him getting his own tv show all the more exciting.  Coming off the back of his brilliant 2010 live show Kevin Eldon Is Titting About and the gloriously bonkers 2012 radio show Kevin Eldon Will See You Now, the show sees Eldon as himself, wandering around a blank studio, connecting up a string of sketches featuring a rich platter of guest stars, ready to discuss sandwiches or unusual musical medical conditions.

The likes of Julia DavisJustin Edwards, Dan Skinner, Matt Berry, Bill Bailey, Paul Putner, David Reed, Simon Munnery, Amelia Bullmore, Johnny Vegas and Martin Trenaman join Kevin on his adventures, with Putner and Father Ted co-creator Arthur Matthews amongst the writing team assisting Eldon’s pen too.  It all sounds too good to be true, but early reviews suggest the hype is more than justified.

To promote the show, the publicity shy Eldon has given an interview to The Independent, which can be read over yonder, and another to The Scotsman, which again is over yonder, too.  Our friends at The British Comedy Guide also have a sneaky preview clip to savour too, and it’s a corker!

The first episode airs Sunday 17th March at 10:30pm (25 minutes later in Northern Ireland) on BBC2.  Whilst we wait, here’s a selection of promo images, featuring guest stars Davis, Skinner, Putner & Vegas. Enjoy.

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