Heading Out For The Third Time



If you haven’t yet managed to watch Steve Oram in the new BBC2 sitcom Heading Out, you’ve got a few days before Episode 3 airs to catch up on Epsiodes 1 and 2 on iPlayer.

The 6-part series, penned by Sue Perkins, follows the fortunes of Sara – a skilled veterinarian. She’s successful, she’s popular, but there’s a chink in her armour – she’s too scared to tell her parents she’s gay. On the evening of her 40th birthday, Sara’s friends give her an ultimatum: either she tells her parents when they come to visit in six weeks’ time, or they will!

Steve plays the part of Daniel, Sara’s assistant. He said of his role in the series: “I loved the script and Daniel is right up my street. From the first moment I first read the script, I thought there were so many jokes and the characters were all so well-defined and funny”. To read more about the character of Daniel have a gander at this.

Episode 1 is available to watch over here, and Episode 2 is available over there. Episode 3 airs on BBC2 this coming Tuesday at 10pm. For more information about the show and to watch clips why not pay a visit to BBC2’s microsite?


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