A Noble Exhibition

© Kim Noble

© Kim Noble

Cult comic presence and conceptual artist Kim Noble is holding a solo exhibition in Glasgow from next week.

The star of Noble And SilverGarth Marenghi’s Darkplace,  Man To Man With Dean Learner, The Mighty Boosh and Luxury Comedy will be displaying a collection of his works which he deems ‘ok’.

For those unfamiliar with his art away from tv and live appearances, Kim suggests his work uses “a provocative and humorous style to expose the human condition: notions of death, sexuality, gender and religion are picked at with dry comedic use of tragedy meshed with absurdity.”  He also adds that he “has a girls name and no longer smells of wee”, so all is right in the world.

The show at The Market Gallery on Duke Street opens with a preview night on Friday, 15th March – and will remain there until 12th April, so there’s no excuse for any Scottish, or non-Scottish people within the vicinity to go inside and peruse the offerings.

After all, as Kim explains: “Is it coincidence that on the day of the opening back in 2006, Saddam Hussein describes his court as a comedy, and on the closing date of the show, back in 1204, The Crusaders of the Fourth crusade breach the walls of Constantinople?  Yes, sadly its coincidence.”

Noble has also been working on a new animated project for BBC Comedy.  The first part of the project, entitled COLIN, can be seen below, in which the titular lump of plasticine attempts to find success in social networking, in typically Kim Noble fashion.  Genius.

For more twisted inventiveness from Kim, check out his official website over yonder.

1 Comment on A Noble Exhibition

  1. Susan the Great (Fool!) // March 9, 2013 at 11:43 am // Reply

    Fucking dark! Obvs it’s a commentary on the shallow nature of the whole social networking “experience”. It’s not genuine and people are not “friends” – in fact they would probably walk past you in the street unless they knew you personally. His (Kim Noble) work is daring and challenging. I cannot imagine Delia Smith living with a load of junkies! That would surely be ultimate reality tv.


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