Ralfe Band & I Am Kloot Do Europe

© Ralfe Band

Ralfe Band will be supporting I Am Kloot on their forthcoming European tour.

The alt-folk stylings of Oly Ralfe and company act as a perfect foil to the Manchester-based trio’s songs of drinking and disaster. They will be performing together in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium and France  from 12th to 23rd March. For full details of the tour please visit Ralfe Band’s facebook events page.

Don’t forget you can also catch Ralfe Band in the UK on 9th April, although sadly there will be no I Am Kloot in tow, as they’ll also be going on tour elsewhere across the country.

And to get yourself in the mood for some Ralfe Band musical action, have a listen to their rather wonderful new single Come on Go Wild, which will be out on 8th April. Go on, take your brain on a summer holiday for 2 minutes 50 seconds. Lovely.

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