Qurios & The Ice Warriors

© Qurios / Pup Ltd / BBC Worldwide

An interesting news story with a TVO flavour emerged this week, when it was announced that Curios Entertainment – who created the special effects for several shows we have featured in the past – will be bringing missing episodes of Doctor Who back to life!

In a round of Six Degrees of The Velvet Onion, the company, whose previous credits include Mongrels, Hyperdrive and The Omid Djalili Show (the latter featuring Rich Fulcher) have been tasked with recreating episodes two and three of The Ice Warriors: a 1967 story starring Patrick Troughton, Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling as The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria.

The episodes were deleted from the BBC archives in the 1970s alongside countless classic slices of television history, but as with all 106 episodes of Doctor Who which have yet to be recovered, they exist as fan made recordings of the original audio which have previously been issued on cd.

The two animations form part of wider efforts to recreate as many missing episodes as possible for dvd release. You can see a work in progress preview clip below, and for more information visit doctorwho.tv now.

The Ice Warriors will be released on dvd in August.  Now here’s hoping at least one of those diehard Who fans amongst our regulars – Colin Hoult, Stephen Evans, Waen Shepherd etc – end up cropping up in new episodes sooner rather than later. We’d love to see Alice Lowe play an uber-villain!

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