Coogan Caught On Camera

Regular peelers will be aware that Steve Coogan is starring in two hotly-anticipated new feature films: The Look of Love and the Alan Partridge movie. Well now photos are emerging from both productions!

© Baby Cow Productions

© Baby Cow Productions

In The Look of Love biopic Coogan plays the role of Soho porn baron, Paul Raymond. Talking about the film, Coogan said: “Like 24 Hour Party People, it’s a very British story about an eccentric character at the centre of pivotal events in British culture…it has that strange combination of comedy and tragedy that Michael Winterbottom (director) manages to pull off with a real deftness of touch. Like very few films these days it’s actually about something without being portentous. Oh and there’s lots of naked ladies in it too!”

If a further TVO link were needed, one of the scenes in the film was shot at Maison Bertaux, the gallery which has hosted both of Noel Fielding‘s two solo art shows. Whooo!

The Look of Love will be released in UK cinemas on Friday 26 April, but to tide you over until then, check out Coogan as the medallioned ‘King of Soho’ in the picture above. For more photos from the film take a look here.

© Shortlist

And now back to Alan Partridge, with Shortlist magazine and a few other tabloid sources sneaking photos from the shoot that’s currently taking place; they show Alan brandishing an air rifle on Cromer Pier. Kevin Loader, a producer on the movie, said, “Alan has finally decided the time is right to make the jump to the big screen…we felt that to do the movement to the big screen justice we needed something that would register properly cinematically and I think Cromer Pier will do that job brilliantly.”

The Alan Partridge movie will be released later this year; in the meantime you can see Coogan brandishing his rifle on Cromer Pier in the picture on the left.

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