Missing Scene Unleashed

A long long time ago – just shy of three years ago, in fact – we reported on a sketch show pilot entitled Missing Scene featuring TVO’s very own Alice Lowe and comedy legend Kevin Eldon.

©  FW Films

© FW Films

The results were for a non-broadcast taster episode which, in these starved times for alternatively comedy, sadly wasn’t commissioned.  Now at last, the team behind it have uploaded the results for all to see.

Created and written by Matthew Stott, David Bussell & Ben Ricketts, the show also features the likes of Steve Furst, Isabel Fay and Sam Cullingworth.  Purporting to be an eclectic collection of archive materials found in the vaults, the madcap 12 minutes features aliens with crab hands, cars that drive on bacon, flirty quasars and scientific time hats.  Fun times.

Catch the results below.

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  1. A genuinely fascinating read, I could nicely not
    agree totally, but you do make some quite legitimate points.


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