The Greater Good

© BBC / Touchpaper

© BBC / Touchpaper

We’ve only just bid goodbye to Julian Barratt’s deluded, mean-spirited werewolf character Larry in Being Human, but it’s time to get excited about next Sunday’s fourth episode of the show’s fifth and final run, The Greater Good.

In initial previews for the show, Episode Four was teased as “a big episode” for Crumb – played by our very own Colin Hoult – seen here in a brand new promo image.  He’s been causing trouble since he was last seen, and it’s up to Hal and friends to keep him under control.

You can catch a preview clip of the new episode, featuring Colin below – and if you missed previous episodes, they’re available to watch again on BBC iPlayer.  As mentioned last week, the entire series is available for pre-order on dvd and blu-ray in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

The show continues on Sunday evening at 10pm, only on BBC Three.

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  1. Colin you is fricking ACE.


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