Ralfe Band’s Latest, Son Be Wise

Ralfe Band have spoilt us with news of their next album via the power of the social networks!

Son Be Wise is the name of their third studio album not including their previous in 2010; the beautious soundtrack from Bunny & The Bull.

© Highline Records / The Ralfe Band

© Highline Records / The Ralfe Band

The album is to be released on 3rd June with their new label, Highline Records. Earlier last year TVO were lucky enough to have a listen to some of their new tracks and we gave you the consensus, If you still feel teased then not to fret as Ralfe Band will be playing at The Vortex in North East London and playing you every track on the album!

Tickets for this exclusive show are £8.50 plus booking fees and you can book your places right here.

Along with this the band have also treated us all to a listen of the first single from the album, Come On Go Wild – have a listen down below and let us know your thoughts!

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