Documenting A Psycho

© Dee Plume

An exciting announcement has come our way regarding the colourful Robot, Dee Plume and her solo-project Psycho Delia!

Dedicated film maker Joseph Lynn is in talks with Dee Plume about documenting her life and career on camera for a short film.

Not only has Lynn worked the festivals, winning Best Student Film last year alongside his team at Darklake Studios, he is also an avid new-wave fan, weaving any surreal inspiration into his films; so what better pairing than this.

The film will centre around Dee as a solo artist so it will also include rare gig footage of Dee’s high-energy tunes such as ‘Short Arms, Short Legs‘ and ‘Now I’m a Square’ (If you haven’t heard, they’re very much worth looking up on YouTube!)

After a long chat with Dee recently, she and Lynn already have clear thoughts on the outcome and what they plan for the upcoming journey; Lynn tells us:

“We both decided it cannot be a typical fly-on-the-wall or talking head documentary. Dee’s music doesn’t follow conventional patterns, it is sporadic and impulsive and so I want the film to have a similar feeling. We don’t want people to know where they are with it; it will be half scripted like sketches and half live footage of her performing and talking about her passion. It is going to capture Dee’s personality perfectly”

Filming is due to start by next week and we can expect a release later this year! It will be taken around film festivals and we are very much looking forward to hearing from Joseph regularly, bringing you all the exclusives and many other goodies galore!

A huge good luck to Joseph Lynn and Dee Plume on their project!

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