Downtown Abbey + One Direction + Richard Sandling

For his latest mash up Richard Sandling has combined two of the nation’s best-known pillars of populist modern entertainment: Downtown Abbey and One Direction.

© Edward Moore

© Edward Moore

This latest video comes hot on the heals of his awesome Mad Men/Rick Astley mash-up (which has so far garnered well over 1 million views!). But why pick this particular combo of TV and music? Sandling explains: “One of the main problems facing people making mash ups is that no matter how good they are, it can often be the case that if people aren’t familiar with the show or music then they don’t give the video a watch. So, as an experiment, we thought it would be interesting to try and combine two things that pretty much everyone knows & loves – Downton Abbey & One Direction.”

This was made for Richard Sandling’s Perfect Movie, a monthly live comedy show at The Leicester Square Theatre about films. So if you liked that, why not check out their next live show (which also happens to be their 4th brthday!)?

It takes place at 9pm on 27th February and tickets are only £8; you can book tickets here. Appearing with Sandling on the night are Nick Helm, Brett Goldstein and David Reed. For more information about the line up and the show itself why not take a look here?

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