The Joy Of A Gun For George

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We’ve been raving about Matt Holness’s debut short film A Gun for George for some time now – and now you can own it on DVD.

The dark, violent comedy from Warp Films follows the fortunes of Terry Finch, a frustrated pulp fiction author and loner who is looking for revenge on the mean streets of East Kent. It forms one-sixth of a DVD of short films called The Joy of Six.

The DVD is a collection of shorts from up-and-coming British talent, and it offers a unique and innovative way to experience the short film format. For further details about the six films on offer click here.

If you fancy owning some of Matt Holness’s  filmic output and experiencing other new directorial talent while you’re at it, The Joy of Six is now available to buy from The Velvet Onion Amazon store for the bargain price of £9.76.

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