Luxury Merch To Look Forward To

© Dave Brown

If you follow Dave Brown on twitter you’ll know that some pretty awesome Luxury Comedy merchandise is on the cards. We managed to extract some further information from everyone’s favourite monkey man about what’s being planned:

Dave has confirmed that the online store is almost ready, and in addition to the rather wonderful Bryan Ferry kite that actually flies (see left), there will also be finger puppets (so you can recreate your own Luxury Comedy promo campaign), along with the more traditional shirts, cards, posters etc. Knowing Dave’s attention to detail and Noel’s predilection for the off-kilter, you can be sure they’ll be something special.

Dave’s promised to keep us posted, so as soon as there’s any more news we’ll be sure to let you know!

3 Comments on Luxury Merch To Look Forward To

  1. Well there goes my paycheck.


  2. Never mind Blackbird! I love your nickname! Do you know, as a child one flew down the chimney and landed on my head! I look forward to this merchandise myself. As the show itself was such a multi-coloured extravanga you can be sure the merchandise will match it!


  3. Any clues as to why the release date for the DVD was pushed back yet again?


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