© AnimaNation

© AnimaNation

The in-depth history of Onion Land is littered with projects which were filled with hopeful enthusiasm, but ended up being discarded by The Powers That Be before they had a chance to develop.

The most famous examples are those which made it to broadcast – things like LifespamGolf WarZimbani et al.  A few manage to sneak online after failing to secure a broadcast – we’ve all loved the Burge & Way sketches and the clips we’ve seen of Splendid, for example.  Others remain tantalisingly out of bounds to the casual fan of the joyous bunch of individuals we connect with – with the likes of Missing ScenePeople Place and Dave Shakespeare sitting on hard drives, possibly never to be seen again.

Now it seems, we have another item for that second bunch of shows which made it to YouTube but appears to be stuck in development hell – Parklife.  An animated sitcom set in a highly unusual zoo slash theme park, it features the likes of Tony Way as incredibly rotund wildcat Bustah Cheetah, and Simon Farnaby as pampered muscle mule Axel Ass.   A number of additional voices are provided by veteran comic Harry Enfield, and the cast also includes Denise Van Outen and Sven Davison.

We managed to miss this completely when it was uploaded last year, and sadly we’ve got no news as to what’s happening with this project.  The website for production company AnimaNations is virtually empty, so if anyone out there knows more, let us know.

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