© Sean Reynard

A surreal new short film – 321-(2.6.78) – has emerged online with TVO connections.

For those of you Brits too young to remember, and the rest of you out there who grew up in other countries, away from the excessive glare of ITV in the 70s and 80s, the film by Sean Reynard (aka Sean the Prawn) purports to show behind the scenes footage from the bowels of Yorkshire Television’s notorious Studio 13 – better known as The Cesspit.

This collection of VT Recordings shows the completely inept production team attempting to film the man responsible for the overly complex background track which would accompany the quiz round on stupidly difficult gameshow 3-2-1.

There’s no sign of Dusty Bin anywhere to be seen, but you may just about recognise one of the technicians cocking up with alarming regularity…

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