Going LOCO Down In Southbank

Last weekend, TVO sent our very own Paulyne to the LOCO Film Festival.  This is her exclusive report.

© Suki Dhanda/Observer New Review

© Suki Dhanda/Observer New Review

Until last Saturday, the most oestrogen filled room I had entered was the changing rooms in my early teens after P.E. Saturday, however, at the LOCO Film festival was an evening where I found myself amongst a throng of artistic young women, all eager to learn about the ins and outs of comedy and comedy writing. Here’s what went down during my little visit:

As little old me is also hoping to make it behind the camera one of these days, I felt at home and even more excited to hear what Katy Brand & Isy Suttie had to say and teach us about being in the industry, in conversation with The Review Show’s Natalie Haynes.

One thing I have always been somewhat sceptical of is women taken aside to be taught about why they too can make it in the industry! However, once the talk began I found this couldn’t be further from the truth; there was a great moment in the talk when women in comedy was being discussed which mainly focused on their inspiration and determination in the creative world being people such as Steve Coogan, simply for the talent. Talent is talent, and to make it in the comedy world you either have it or you don’t, and gender is irrelevant. LOCO brought women together to learn, but to learn from people that have been on the same journey.

The discussion then moved on to the new generation of comedy, and how stand-up now plays a significant role in television comedy nowadays. This represents a big change from when Katy and Isy had to work on the circuit back in the day. The uprising of New Wave comedy is something we at TVO have always taken a big interest in, so it was a treat to hear other comics noticing and commenting on the change on the circuit! The infamous Edinburgh Fringe festival was used to make an interesting point – that comics tend to work the Fringe with a fully formed act, whereas the rough and messy festival could, and should, be used more to re-work and experiment.

© Funny Women

By the end of the day the entire room was in high-spirits. Even though everybody had volleyed between talks and films throughout the session it was clear that it had been a very productive day. The team at LOCO had done an amazing job in helping aspiring creatives by hearing the professionals talk about the industry, warts and all.

With the afternoon session coming to a close I was kicking myself that I hadn’t been able to make any of the earlier talks; however, I heard that Julia Davis made an inspiring impression on the audience. The entire event appeared to have taught and inspired so many young women, and from the furious notes and smiles that came from the room we’re in for a treat when the next generation comes through. I also look forward to the full LOCO experience next time around!

To find out more info about what LOCO do and to keep up to date of when you could next have your chance to join in the fun, have a look at their official website. The talk was filmed too so we’ll be keeping our peelers fully open to find out when any video segments get released!

Thank you to the lovely people at LOCO and Funny Women for a great evening.

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