Glam Fielding

© Mick Rock; Alex Lake for the Guardian

© Mick Rock; Alex Lake for the Guardian

There’s a new Noel Fielding interview in The Guardian today, to celebrate Noel dressing up as Bowie, Brian Eno and performance artist Ulay, to help publicise the new exhibition Glam! The Performance of Style at Tate Liverpool.

The exhibition opens on 8th February and runs until 12th May. For more details and opening times click here.

3 Comments on Glam Fielding

  1. Susan the Great (Fool!) // February 1, 2013 at 9:53 pm // Reply

    People love to berate Noel now that he is not the flavour of the day. Interestingly, there is a David Bowie track called “Fame” which is quite apt for this scenario. I know he has an ego, but he is a talented man. The ego is quite a complex thing, too much of it and you can implode your own character, too little and you are a shell of a human being. Being 40 is a milestone in that you start to re-asess yourself and it can be a very hard thing to accept “middle age” whatever that term actually means. You can end up a parody of your younger self through no fault of your own. I love the “glam period” and he makes a good Bowie. Love to you Noel, always x


  2. I absolutely love the interview. Thank you for the link ((hug))

    I don’t care what people said about Noel, for me he is an awesome human being


  3. Susan the Great (Fool!) // February 3, 2013 at 12:44 pm // Reply

    So did I Novroz! I am gonna go to this exhibition as well. I really love the glam period – whether it’s “wanking off to the past” (not my quote!) or not! The way I see it – if there is nothing to “wank off” to in the present time – and there clearly isn’t then why not re-visit more colourful, culturally vibrant times?


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