Picture Preview: Barratt & Hoult In Being Human 5

The launch of Being Human Series 5 is fast approaching, and with it comes a handful of images of the cast in character – including our very own Julian Barratt and Colin Hoult as werewolf Larry and vampire Crumb, respectively.

© BBC / Touchpaper

© BBC / Touchpaper

Both actors feature in the main series image featured above, which we brought you last week – but now the embargo has been lifted on showing you another little glimpse of the two in action.  With each character looking as if they’re up to no good, it seems they will put the new trinity of vampire Hal, werewolf Tom and ghost Alex to the test as the threesome try to stay under the radar at Honolulu Heights.

© BBC/Touchpaper

© BBC/Touchpaper

The six part series begins on Sunday 3rd February at 10pm on BBC Three.  Colin appears throughout the run, with Julian set to guest star in Episode Three.  With hints about characters from Series Four making a reappearance, there’s also a possibility that Laura Patch may return during the run – though we must stress this is completely down to speculation on the part of TVO – we know no more than every other viewer!

© BBC/Touchpaper

© BBC/Touchpaper

You can see the series trailer below, and catch the last two episodes on Series Four on iPlayer to whet your appetite. For more news on all things Being Human, check out the official BBC website now.

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