Chanda In Manhattan & McNeill Goes To Dinner!

Arnab Chanda is the guest on this week’s Film Fandango podcast.

© Film Fandango

© Film Fandango

The regular comedy show which discusses new releases and classic films features Danielle Ward, David Reed & Marek Larwood – all magnificently funny people in their own right.  Their promise each week is not to provide a review show, but instead a meandering movie chat.

This week, David & Marek have been to see Django Unchained and, as their guest, Arnab has brought in Manhattan.  You can download the results for free at the official Film Fandango website over yonder.

Whilst we’re talking about Marek Larwood, you may have seen his recent viral video entitled How To Have A Perfect Dinner Party. If you haven’t, now’s the perfect time to mention it, as his silent guest is none other than the brilliant David McNeill!  You can check it out below.

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