MeeBOX Revisited

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Comedy legend Adam Buxton has uploaded the full length solitary edition of MeeBOX – the 2008 BBC3 pilot he made featuring a smattering of TVO faces – to his YouTube page.

The half hour sketch show featured a lot of the hallmarks of Buxton’s work from both his early days with Joe Cornish – including his hilarious alien character who has now taken to posting comments on YouTube – and his more recent internet-focused work, which recently found a new home with the brilliant Sky funded series Bug.  

A firm favourite in TVO Towers, the pilot has extra interest level for us by featuring Matt Berry, Gareth Tunley and Tony Law in a segment spoofing nostalgic countdown shows, entitled “10,000 Things That Are Sooo Crap”.



Despite being made in 2007, the show was quietly buried, finally airing on Sunday 22nd June 2008, in a horrible graveyard slot of 11:45pm – a slot also used to discard the brilliant Lifespam pilot six months later.  As Buxton half joked on his YouTube page: “Despite a couple of lukewarm reviews and viewing figures of at least two hundred, The Castle decided did not commission a full series. So hooray for the internet!”  You can see the full show in HD below.

TVO can take this trip down memory lane a little further, as in the build up to the show’s airing, Buxton hosted an evening of comedy at The 100 Club in central London.  This featured the self styled Dr Buckles performing a live rap version of his “Help The Police” sketch from another BBC3 sketch show pilot, Rush Hour, which also featured Katy Wix. Small world, eh?  And that’s made all the smaller by the rest of the acts on the bill that night at The 100 Club: Stewart Lee, David Cross, Glenn Wool and our very own Rich Fulcher, who was promoting the then-imminent release of Snuffbox on dvd ahead of the forthcoming Mighty Boosh tour which began a few months later.  Those were the days, eh?

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