Umbrage Swain & The Magical Diamond Of Ramtutiti

Richard Glover and Neil Cole have joined the cast of a revival of comedy play Umbrage Swain & The Magical Diamond Of Ramtutiti at legendary venue The Hen & Chickens, later this month.

© James Wren

© James Wren

The play is the brainchild of friend of TVO, James Wren – head honcho at the venue, who was involved in our live night last year.  First staged back in 2008, the play – written by Wren & Alan Freestone, is set in the 1980s with the world in deadly peril.

An evil bastard called ‘The Darkness’ is intent on world domination, but needs the Magical Diamond of Ramtutiti to fulfil his dastardly plans. There is only one hope for mankind… A New Romantic hope!

Glover has returned to the cast, alongside Wren, and they will be joined by Cole,  Millie Reeves, Mark Johnson and Marny Godden for the five night revival, between January 29th and February 2nd.  Tickets are available now for just £8, right over yonder, so there’s no excuse if you’re nearby and want a great night out.

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