Simon Farnaby and Dan Tetsell are part of the ensemble cast of an explosive new drama tonight.

© Channel 4

© Channel 4


If you’ve been watching Channel 4 in recent weeks, you will have no doubt seen the trailers for cyber thriller Utopia.

Fans of TVO related output may have already spotted Kill List and The Wrong Door star Neil Maskell, his Kill List co-star (and Spaced legend) Michael Smiley and Four Lions star Adeel Ahktar in the trailer.

Well, if you didn’t have enough of a reason to watch it already, this brutal tale of a mythical graphic novel being the source of carnage and espionage will also feature Simon Farnaby as a character called Marcus, and Dan Tetsell as a headteacher.

The Radio Times preview sounds intriguing, and as we at TVO haven’t had the chance to preview the show, we’ll be tuning in tonight to see if it measures up to the hype.

UK peelers can see it on Channel 4 at 10pm this evening. The show will be repeated throughout the week on Four Seven and will be available on 4oD shortly after transmission. We’ll bring you preorder links as soon as possible, so stay peeled.

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