Bark At The (Howard) Moon: A Real Horror Show For Colin & Julian!


News of Julian Barrat and Colin Hoult‘s roles in Series Five of Being Human has emerged via sci-fi magazine SFX.

The action packed show starring Michael Socha, Damien Molony and Kate Bracken as werewolf Tom, vampire Hal and ghost Alex will be returning to our screens very soon – possibly by the end of the month, but likely to be February 3rd – and the six part run will see the trio now running the Barry Grant Hotel.

However, life is never going to be cozy for our supernatural friends, and those wicked vampires are typically up to no good.  This time around, their number includes the villanous Crumb, played by our very own Colin Hoult.  A recurring character, who crops up in the first episode, he’ll be around for at least two thirds of the run – with Episode 4 pegged as his “big episode” by SFX.

Indeed, the show’s official Series 5 synopsis, revealed back in December, gives more of a peek into how important Colin’s character will be to the run – stating: “When Hal recruits Crumb as a vampire and welcomes him to the supernatural world, the meek becomes mighty and we see what happens when a bullied man finds his bite.”  Exciting times ahead, then!

Meanwhile, Julian Barratt will be appearing in (at least) Episode Three, as what’s been described as “a deluded werewolf named Larry”.  Whether he returns in more episodes is currently uncertain, but we can’t wait to see the results.  The magazine also teased that the finale will see a number of returning cameos – including some last seen in Series 4, so we’re hoping Laura Patch‘s Michaela, last seen accompanying Mark Williams’ comic foil Regus, will be amongst them.

In the meantime, you can catch up with repeats of Series 4 via iPlayer now – with Patch’s guest role from last year available for the next seven days.  See it again right here!

For more details, check out the latest edition of SFX, on newstands all month.

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