Brand On Gender Bias At The BAFTAs

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In case you’re wondering, we’re talking about Katy Brand, not the other one (although his thoughts on gender bias would make for interesting reading…). Yesterday Katy Brand wrote a piece for the Telegraph about the matter of gender bias in awards shortlists.

The article was provoked by the announcement of the nominations for the 2013 BAFTA Rising Star Award, which features a shortlist of four women and one man. This is in stark contrast to the 2012 nominees list which featured five male actors, including our very own Chris O’Dowd.

In the article Katy makes the point that gender should be largely irrelevant when it comes to awards – they should be a recognition of talent alone. That said, currently female actors rarely get the same opportunities as their male counterparts due the practicalities of how the industry is structured.

As she says, “Let’s not make a fuss about the fact that there are four women and one man – let’s just say these are five great actors, with enormous potential, and keep writing parts for women that allow the balance to be redressed in years to come.”

To read the insightful piece in full visit the Telegraph’s website.

1 Comment on Brand On Gender Bias At The BAFTAs

  1. Susan the Great (Fool!) // January 10, 2013 at 8:45 pm // Reply

    Interesting article and some very relevant points raised. It’s quite an odd thing being a woman sometimes – there are all sorts of pressures to be a certain way or to fit in with a certain social demographic. If you break that mold or don’t fit in in a certain way people will make you feel like some sort of odd bod. It is not just men who encourage female stereotypes it is other women! One day maybe it won’t matter – but neither are we androids – we are sexual beings and to an extent driven by primeval urges to populate the planet. I would love to be in a more equal society in many ways.


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