© 2013 MFA+ FilmDistribution e.K.

© 2013 MFA+ FilmDistribution e.K.

Sightseers is gearing up for its German cinema debut on 28th February, and a new version of its trailer has been unleashed across Deutschland.

For those of you not in the know, the film – directed by Ben Wheatley and starring Alice Lowe, Steve Oram and Richard Glover – tells the twisted tale of nerdy caravanners Chris & Tina, who go on holiday to engage in an orgy of lovemaking and quaint museums, only to wind up as seemingly accidental serial killers.

The film’s German distributors MFA+ FilmDistribution e.K have really gone to town on the theatrical poster, as you can see here – with a glorious knitted look, complete with the splattered guts of Tony Way.

Now you’ve got the great pleasure of hearing Alice Lowe and Steve Oram dubbed into German, and with the film set to open in around 50 cinemas across the country (not bad for a low budget English movie, eh?) there’s a full German marketing campaign up and running, complete with a unique website, and their own Facebook page.  Catch the trailer below.

We’ll try to bring you more news on the film’s worldwide distribution in the coming months, but in the meantime, the curious amongst you can check out our Sightseers archives – including interviews with director Ben Wheatley, writers/stars Steve Oram and Alice Lowe, supporting actors Richard Glover and Rachel Austin, producer Claire Jones and cinematographer Laurie Rose.

We’ve also got some exclusive downloads – including door hangers for your own caravans, and a string of supporting articles to savour too, so get stuck in.

1 Comment on Schaulustige

  1. I found listening to the soundtrack in a dubbed language totally hilarious! For some reason it seemed to give the film a different edge – although the concept is exactly the same! i’m going to re-watch!


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